Excavations at Üçagizli Cave I, Turkey

Üçağızlı (pronounced "ewch-au-zluh") I cave is located on the Mediterranean coast of the Hatay province of south-central Turkey. Since 1997 a collaborative Turkish and American research project, funded by the National Science Foundation, the L.S.B. Leakey Foundation, and other agencies, has been investigating Paleolithic archaeological deposits at the site. Üçagizli I cave contains a nearly continuous sequence of human occupations spanning the Early Upper Paleolithic period. Through archaeological and geological research at the site, we hope to understand changing human adaptations during the period from roughly 45,000 to 30,000 years ago. Information about the site, as well as some research findings are summarized in this web site. Presentation of findings are keyed to the site's stratigraphic sequence.


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